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Raising a Forerunner Generation is all about children with a passion: for Jesus, for HIs justice and to prepare the way for His coming! The 308 page book tackles 30 different themes such as: Hearing from God, Trusting God, Sowing and Reaping, Forgiveness, Responding to Jesus, The Love of God, the Armor of God, the Outward Appearance or the Heart, God's Heroes and many more. The aim of the book is to help parents, teachers, children's pastors, and mentors of children and young teens walk with God in every area of life and as related to each theme.


The comprehensive forward and introduction describes some of the philosophy based upon the author's experiences of raising a forerunner generation along with encounters the author had with the Lord and His word that led to the writing of this book.



Raising a Forerunner Generation

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Raising a Forerunner Generation is a 9" x 6" paperback book containing approximately 300 pages.

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