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Themes for Prayer

Introduction: what we're doing and why?

Creative Prayer for Gaza

Creative Prayer for Israel

Creative Prayer for Israel - Part 2

Activity Sheet for this Video




Russia has invaded Ukraine, a peace-loving country - The Russian army is bombing Ukrainian cities - Moms, dads, children and teenagers are in great danger - Cities are being destroyed - Ukrainian citizens are without food, heating, shelter and medicine in many cities and small towns - Many have left their homes and belongings behind and fled to other countries for safety - WILL YOU PRAY?


This is how Kyiv, Ukraine's beautiful capital city used to look

before the bombs destroyed much of it.

People of Afghanistan

  • Praying Bible prayers

  • Praying from Acts 4:29-30

  • Praying for the people who don't know Jesus, the church, and the Taliban.

  • Including a creative prayer idea.

China's "Left Behind" Children

  • Who are they?

  • Are there really 60 million of them?

  • Will they ever be able to live with their parents?

  • What about their loneliness?

  • Or when they struggle in playtime or school?

Families in Brazil and India who are Suffering from COVID

(NOTE: You can pray the same Bible verse and use the same creative prayer idea over both nations.)

  • The growing numbers of covid cases

  • The overwhelmed hospitals

  • Losing family members

  • Mercy and healing needed

  • OXYGEN is needed in India so that the people can breathe!

Children Alone

at USA -Mexico Border

  • Who will care for them? Keep them safe?

  • Will they be warm enough?

  • Have enough food? Blankets?

  • When will they see their parents again?

  • Do they feel alone? Sad?

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