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Bible School FAQ'S

Why we Pray, "Come, Lord Jesus" at the End of Most of the Videos














What will Children Learn About?

Children will learn

  • About the word of God at an age-appropriate level

  • To LOVE the word of God, both written and Living

  • To engage with the word of God on a daily basis and establish life-long habits of communion with God and His word

Will Prayer Be Involved?

Yes! Prayer is an integral part of all we do at Children of Prayer! Children will learn about many different aspects of prayer, be encouraged to develop a lifestyle of persistent, prevailing prayer, and will be shown ways they can pray with their peers across the earth, both by participating in our own "Themes for Prayer" page and by joining the Children in Prayer global prayer network.

What Translation of the Bible do you Use?

We mostly use ESV and NKJV, though at times we also use NIV.

How are Parents Involved?

Our aim is to show parents the vastness of the subjects they can teach their children related to the word of God and the Christian life and also share through our videos and extra activities, tools to help, inspire and equip them for the task.

What Ages of Children is the Bible School Suitable For?

The lessons will be suitable for children aged  5-12. The videos will seek to reach across the ages. However, some lessons will have easy, intermediate, or advanced activities linked with them. Easy is for children 5-7, intermediate for children aged 8-10 and advanced for children aged 11-12. We are aware that all children are unique; each one has a different learning style and learns at a different rate, therefore our age identifications are only a guide. Parents, mentors and teachers are invited to get involved and work WITH your own children, as you walk with God together with them.


Describe the Course Structure

  • Each course will consist of 10-20 lessons.

  • Each lesson will contain a short video plus interactive activities to complete at home.

  • If a student completes all the course work, and sends it via email communication to, he/she will receive a full-color completion certificate in his/her name.


Describe the Course Content

The Bible school will be divided into ten "15-20-lesson" courses. Each course will be about a different topic; examples are:

  • The word of God

  • Prayer

  • Parables and Passages

  • Hearing from God

  • The Attributes of God

  • The Tenets of our Faith

  • The Church

  • The House of Prayer

  • The Return of Jesus

  • Salvation/Evangelism/Gospel

  • Songs in the Bible

  • Worship

  • The Holy Spirit

  • The Nature of the Father

  • Important Theological Themes

  • Names of Jesus

  • Following Jesus

When Will You Add New Lessons and Courses?

This Bible school will grow and develop over months and even years. New courses will be added all the time. NOTE: Please remember that we cannot exhaust the vastness of Scripture related to every theme. We will present introductory ideas, instructions, examples, themes, and theological concepts that each family is encouraged to build upon.

Is Each Course Complete When a New One is Published?

No! We will put up at least 5 lessons on any specific course and then move on to another course. Over the course of years, we will add to each already published course. This Bible school is a work in progress and we aim to be introducing new lessons, themes, and courses for years to come.

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