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Children of Prayer Online Bible School

Lelonnie Hibberd shares the vision and some introductory information regarding this new initiative. Our childrenofprayer online Bible school will grow and develop over some years. We are a very small team and are creating and uploading lessons as quickly as we can. Lelonnie continues to amend and develop the content, some of which has previously been taught to children in home groups, churches and schools over many years, in Canada, the United Kingdom and the USA.

Bible School Courses

The Psalms
The Lord's Prayer
What is God Like
Names of Jesus
Return: How to Prepare
The Millennial Kingdom
Salvation Gospel Evangelism
Prophecy & Hearing from God
Return: Jesus as Bridegroom
Return: End Time Judgments
Jesus in the Old Testament
Return: A Vision for Israel
The Tenets of our Faith
The Holy Spirit
Parables & Passages
The House of Prayer
Return: Jesus as King
The Church
Return: End Time Events
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