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  • Lelonnie Hibberd

Children Hear from God

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Last week a group of 90 children ages 5-11 and about 12 adults were singing, "We wait for you, walk in the room...Here we are, standing in your presence, Shekinah glory come down" So we decided to do what the song said. The children waited on the Lord and here is what they heard, saw and felt from the Lord! What a fitting start to 2018!

8 year old student: "Our School roof opened, jewels fell in and angels came down. That’s how strong our hearts are for Him.” 5 year old: "The roofs of our homes opened up and when we were sleeping," this little boy saw angels coming down, putting their hands on our hearts and then going back to heaven, telling the Lord of the love we have in our hearts for each other. 8-9 year old: "I saw a fruit tree and He is the foundation. He is everything we need and we are the fruit! Things try to come against us, but we stay strong!" 8-9 year old: "I saw a lot of pile of coal around the assembly. We each had a diamond and we put the diamond on the coal. It reminded me of his verse, “Love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins.'"

—This touched one teacher deeply She hadn't been able to sleep for 2 nights. She realized she was carrying unforgiveness & needed to release someone who’d hurt her. She wanted to love them as Christ loves us. She realized and taught us that the ones who hurt us are still children of God and loved by Him! She prayed over all of us that we could join her and release forgiveness over anyone who hurt us. She invited us to forgive them right now and remember that God Loves them and He loves us & shines through us! 7 year oldt: "Jesus healed the sick". (Does the Lord want us to highlight Him as healer this Semester?)

K student: "He even wants the ones who don’t know Him to be healed!" 6 year old: "One time when I was 4, Jesus spoke to me and I was afraid because sin whispered into my ear, but then God took all the pain away from me!" —Then we asked if anyone was in pain or sick and this little girl prayed for sin and sickness to leave us and for joy and mercy to come in it’s place!

The Lord delights in speaking to children. The things He tells them can have a deep and profound impact on the lives of others of all ages! Help us Lord, to humble ourselves, to both hear and respond to your word, even when spoken through a child.

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