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  • by Lelonnie Hibberd

The Promise - part 2

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

"I will come again," He said

And still we wait

Two thousand years later, still we wait. So much has happened; so many religions have sprung up. So many troubles have come and gone on the earth. So many people have been born and died and still we wait.

Will the promise ever be fulfilled? How long must we wait?

This story is a true story if ever there was one and this story is one of the most important stories you will ever read. That is because you need to know that Jesus will return. Jesus really did live on the earth two thousand years ago in a land called Israel. He always kept His Promises and what He said is trustworthy and true. He will come again! Jesus will return!

Where? Here! To this earth!

He will come as a Man, just as He left. When Jesus was born, He was fully God and fully Man. When Jesus rose from the dead He was not some spirit or ghost. He was a Man! Yes, a perfect man in a perfect new body; but today Jesus is still fully God and fully man. Today there is a Man called Jesus in Heaven, sitting at the right hand of His Father's throne and waiting for exactly the right time to return to this earth!!

This is exciting and sobering news for us all at the same time. Exciting because many people will get to be with Jesus and see Jesus when he comes. It is sober because we want to be ready when Jesus comes. We want to be living our life for Him and not against Him. You and I will stand before Him and each person will give an account of his or her life. And when He comes, will He know you? Will He know you as His friend? When you see Jesus face to face, will you know Him as a close friend? The Bible says it is not enough to know about Jesus; we need to know Jesus. Keep reading these books in “The Return” series and you will find out lots more about how to prepare, how to know Him and how to get ready to meet Jesus when He comes.

Jesus may come back in your lifetime!! He may actually come back before you grow old and die!!

The Lord, (another name for Jesus) was so good at explaining things to His followers and He said, “I will come again.” According to the Bible, the only place Jesus came to is the earth and the only creatures He came to be among were human beings. So when Jesus comes again, we know He will come again to the earth. Because the Bible also teaches that the dwelling place of God is meant to be with people (Rev 21:3), a day is coming when Jesus will come again, when He will come to us, and will dwell or live with us.

How exciting this is to know that one day Jesus will walk again on this earth. What will He be like? Where will He be? What will He look like? Will we recognize Jesus when He is here? When will He come? Can we know when He will come? How long will He be here for? What will happen in the world when He comes again? What will happen to us? What will happen to those people who are now in Heaven?

These and many other questions are the subjects of other books in this series. For this story, it is enough to echo what the Bible says in Ephesians (1:9-10) that one day, when the time is just right, God will gather together in one all things in Jesus. In other words, all things in heaven and all things on the earth will be gathered together in Him. One day we will have a world where the spiritual and the natural will be joined together, all through Jesus and all under His excellent leadership.

Thank you Lord Jesus for your promise, "I will come again." I believe it and I look forward to that day! Show me how to prepare for your return. Help me Lord Jesus to truly know you as a beloved friend. I open my heart to your word and your work.

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