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  • by Lelonnie Hibberd

The Wheat and the Tares Part 2

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

The Return Series

Parables of the Kingdom The Wheat and the Tares

By: Lelonnie Hibberd

Going back to Jesus’ story, He says the harvest is the end of the age. What is this? Jesus taught us very much about this time as did many of the Old Testament prophets and writers. The end of the age hasn’t happened yet, but it is a time coming, when the kingdoms of this world will come under the rule of King Jesus. This age you and I are living in right now is filled with people, systems and structures that are not fully obeying Jesus. We humans were given authority of the whole earth in the Garden of Eden but because of the sin of Adam, we lost that right to rule. The enemy, another name for the devil, became the ruler of this age. The Bible calls him the prince of the power of the air. He won the right to rule when Adam gave in to temptation. But God has always had a plan to rescue us from the clutches of the enemy. This age will not go on forever but will one day come to an end. Jesus tells us in this story that at the end of this age, there is a harvest coming; a great harvest.

The sons of the kingdom are like the wheat and the sons of the enemy, like the tares, are going to grow together, one group closer to Jesus and the other closer to the enemy, whom Jesus calls the wicked one. The true church of Jesus Christ is going to grow and increase in righteousness, holiness and love more and more, right up to harvest time at the end of the age. The light of God and the light that comes from God will shine brighter and brighter. But at the same time the sons of the enemy are going to grow more and more like him; increasing in hatred, evil and wrongdoing of every kind, also right up to harvest time.

Jesus said the reapers are the angels. Just like at harvest time the owner of the field sent out reapers to gather first the tares and then the wheat. So Jesus will send out His angels to gather up first the sons of the wicked one. Jesus said that his angels will gather all the things that are out of agreement with His word, the things that offend and the ones who practice lawlessness. What are the things that offend? These are every law, every book, every business, school, activity or system that is not in agreement with Jesus and His Father. Everything that is contrary to the righteousness of God will be gathered up by Jesus and thrown into everlasting fire. But it won't only be things that offend. In that day the angels will gather up all those human beings who practice lawlessness. These are the people who have grown up or matured with the enemy; who have become like sons of the wicked one, who choose evil again and again. Lawlessness means that there will be nothing holding them back. They do anything and everything their evil hearts imagine. They run to do evil and will not be stopped. They choose over and over again to reject the leadership of Jesus.

It is so interesting that just at this time, as the son of man is sending out his angels, he calls the field, or the earth, His kingdom. Even though the devil has had rulership for these past 6000 or more years because of the sin of one man, he is not the rightful ruler. He has been allowed to rule only until the end of the age. The earth has always belonged to the Lord. Jesus has always been the rightful ruler. When the first man Adam lost the right to rule the earth, God sent His son Jesus, the second Adam to come and get it back. Jesus did this at the cross. He came as a man and beat up the devil by laying His life down at the cross then rising again in a resurrected body. Jesus won back dominion of the earth. How awesome!

But back to our parable, now comes the most beautiful part of this true story. When the angels have gathered up all the sons of the wicked one, who is left? It is the righteous ones, the sons of the kingdom, the followers of Jesus from every nation. What does this full grown wheat look like? What will the true followers of Jesus look like at the end of the age? What will their homes, workplaces and businesses look like?

Every law, every book, every business, school, activity or system that is in agreement with Jesus and His Father will also be harvested. Everything that expresses the righteousness of God will be gathered up into the Lord's barn. We could say the "barn" symbolizes part of God's dwelling place. This is the place where God dwells, or lives. But it won't only be things that reflect His glory. In that day the angels will gather up all those people who practice righteousness. They will get to be with the Lord in His dwelling place; in work and worship, having amazing adventures we cannot now even imagine.

Listen to the words that came out of Jesus’ own mouth. “Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their father.” Can you imagine this? Part of your destiny is to shine like the sun? Yes that’s right, the sun in the sky! Only we will shine in the kingdom of our Father and the Father of Jesus. Did you know that Jesus came so that we could shine like the sun and be Sons of our Creator, Father God? Do you know how bright the sun is? Do you know how bright the Son of God is?

This is your destiny if you will set your heart to grow always closer and always more like Jesus. Just say, “Come beautiful Holy Spirit, come help me grow closer to Jesus. Come help me grow more like Jesus.” Do this every day. God will hear and answer your prayer. He is just waiting for the sound of your voice. He is a God who answers.

Even though the darkness in the earth feels overwhelming at times, even now as you read this, you and I can say that we know the end of the story. That is why at the very end of this parable, Jesus said, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Do you have ears to hear? In other words, do you want to hear the word of the Lord? Do you want to love the word of God and obey the Bible? Do you want to be like Jesus? If you do, you are one of those who has ears to hear.

Don't be afraid of darkness growing on the earth. Hide your heart in the center of the heart of God. Ask Him to help you to prepare and to be ready. Walk boldly into whatever job or ministry the Lord leads you into and serve Him there, with all your heart. Be the light of the world in the place the Lord has put you, until He comes. Remember that as the darkness gets darker, the light will also get lighter. Evil will grow but so will righteousness. The power of God will be demonstrated as the people of God serve Him, releasing through their words and actions, little pockets of glory all over the earth. Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as though you were doing it for Jesus. Receive His love for the people around you and share with them as He inspires you to do so.

The end of the age is coming. Get ready. Get to know Jesus. Read His word, day after day. Pray all the time; short, little prayers or long, big ones. But pray. Come Holy Spirit. “Help me to know Jesus. I want to be a son of the kingdom.” Join with the prayers of Jesus and pray daily for friends, family, neighbors and even strangers who don't know Him. There is still time for them to become sons of the kingdom. Pray from Romans 5:5

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

"Lord Jesus, please pour Your love and the love of the Father right into the hearts of my family and friends (say their names). Save them from the enemy. Save them from evil. Lead them to know you and help them to love and obey you. Help them to grow as sons and daughters of the kingdom. Lead them into all the world, and fill them with your light."

Get to know Holy Spirit. Practice hearing His voice. He will only tell you things that agree with the Bible. Practice thanking Him and lean on Him when you face temptation. Join with His amazing heart when He leads the whole body of Christ in the most wonderful prayer of all, "Come Lord Jesus."

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