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More About our Heart, Vision and Goals

Who Are We?


We are Christian Educators, Ministers, and Broadcasters who fervently desire to share the fullness of the knowledge of God we possess with children. We believe the Bible as the Living word of God, is meant to be prayerfully engaged with: visually, orally, musically, artistically, intellectually, meditatively, and in every other way possible. God the Holy Spirit, who takes the things of Jesus and declares them to us (John 16:14) is our Teacher, our Helper, and our Guide as we navigate alongside our children on this most exciting of life's journeys.

Who is this Site for?

​​This site is mostly for children, to watch our videos, and to be inspired to try out the same types of prayer where they live. We will also be posting many Bible teachings as part of our online Bible school as well as some instructional videos for parents, teachers, and children's pastors.


The blog posts on this site are also for adults as well as older children and teens.​


You can do this

We want to challenge and inspire YOU and your children wherever you are, into the practice of enjoyable prayer. Through all types of prayer, we can quite literally communicate with God and encounter His presence. Through prayer, we can both find our destiny and have an eternal impact on our own lives and the lives of others.  Why not try it wherever you live?

Malachi 4:6

We love walking with God with our children and therefore, adults who are called to parent younger generations and who carry a measure of God's heart for those young ones will undoubtedly participate in this website.

Children of every nation can pray.
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